Canovation is a Florida based start-up at the tipping point of market penetration. Our simple  but differentiating CanReseal® container design gives brands the tools they need to offer their customers more sustainable and infinitely recyclable product packaging. Moreso, CanReseal® is intended for use across multiple industries, including, beverages, food/snacks, pet food, pharmaceuticals, household chemicals, and more. Our innovative design creates the world’s largest opening to safely access the beverage contents, allowing consumers to enjoy the taste, smell, look,  and sound of their beverages like never before with the convenience to reseal the container to preserve, store or transport!  Now consumers will have the same experience of drinking from a cup directly out of the beverage can, and they can easily add ice or garnishes directly into their drinks.

Canovation’s breakthrough moment is right around the corner. Within 18 months, CanReseal® will begin low-volume manufacturing to introduce our product to the market and begin large-scale consumer insight testing. With minimal early-stage funding and high earning potential, Canovation is expecting incredible long-term success.”

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