for CBD & Pharma

The global CBD packaging industry is projected to reach $25 billion by 2025. The CanReseal product line is the evolution in packaging that the CBD industry has been waiting for. Designed around the plants physiological properties, CanReseal utilizes a blend of several properties to create the optimal cannabis climate inside every container. Now, Canovation is joining forces with various industry partners and growers to offer CanReseal’s fully compliant packaging to the cannabis industry.  CanReseal can be utilized for CBD products such as flower, edibles, Tinctures and more.

CanReseal features include:

  • Airtight with resealability
  • Fully recyclable and environmentally sustainable packaging
  • Child resistant and tamper evident
  • Easy customization with regulatory labeling
  • Integration into existing supply chains, including automation

As growers move toward fully automated fulfillment processes, CanReseal is the answer to packaging, with the added benefits of compliant and regulatory prescription labeling, supply chain integration, RFID track and trace capabilities and shipping. Using more effective packaging technology, CanReseal's patented CBD container solutions greatly exceed the industry standards for owning a customized packaging solution.  Unlike over-cap snap on lid technology, our resealable technology provides an airtight seal and is fully recyclable.

Additionally, our packaging solutions are “Made in the USA” – with no overseas importing and additional costs. Using CanReseal technology for packaging enables CBD manufacturers and distributors to be in full control of their packaging supply chain.

With our CanReseal solution, we offer fully sustainable packaging that can also be paired with prescription labeling and RFID tags for inventory control and management.

Be at the forefront of consumer demand for sustainable and smart CBD packaging innovations that are quickly shaping the CBD industry.