Paint & Chemical

for Paint & Chemical

The antiquated way of resealing, storing and shipping paint leads to dried out containers, constant spillage, and wasted product. CanReseal offers a better alternative that provides a new way for paint and chemical packaging, which increases shelf life, ease of use for consumers and is an economic incentive to suppliers.

A CanReseal paint can eliminates the “moat” at the top of the can, which collects paint and prevents a quality, airtight fit, offering a solution that is easy to open, and even easier to clean and reseal for future use. It is also stackable, increasing storage space in warehouses and single-family homes. Altogether, CanReseal eliminates the inconvenience of requiring a screwdriver and hammer to open and close a can of paint, which impacts resealability. CanReseal also eliminates the constant mess that comes with use, reuse, and storage.

CanReseal for Paint and Chemical Features:

  • Easy To Open — The custom-made cap screws on and off easily and does not require any tools or prying to open the can.
  • Easy To Close — No more hammering to close the can lid. A CanReseal sealable top features twist to close.
  • Airtight Seal — the CanReseal cap provides an airtight seal that extends shelf life by keeping paint fresh for its next use, with no drying out of the product.
  • Storage — With a flat CanReseal cap, paint cans will stack for easy storage and space savings.
  • Economical — Paint stays fresh with the airtight CanReseal. No more spoiled paint