for Beverages

Plastic pollution is killing our planet and is the greatest burden on our beaches, estuaries and waterways. Over 8 million tons of plastic waste fill our oceans every year in addition to the estimated 150 million metric tons currently circulating in marine environments. It is our responsibility to reverse this damage before it’s too late.

CanReseal is the solution to help reduce plastic consumption. Having a fully sustainable and resealable aluminum solution like CanReseal will help reduce the water bottle crisis impacting our society. With CanReseal, any beverage sold in a plastic bottle is available in a convenient, carbonation-preserving, and environmentally friendly metal can. It is time we use our voice to advocate the fully recyclable CanReseal as the “new normal” in the beverage industry.

CanReseal features:

  • Watertight — A CanReseal cap makes an open can of soda completely spill-proof, so it can be carried on the go.
  • Airtight — The airtight seal keeps beverages as fresh by maintaining carbonation.
  • Portable — This resealable can now goes anywhere with a portable and resealable lid.
  • Economical — Instead of having to open another new can because of lost flavor or carbonation, CanReseal keeps drinks fresh, saving consumers money on opened products that may have initially lost freshness with old packaging solutions.

CanReseal beverage solutions include:

  • Still — Water, wine, juices, teas, dairy.
  • Light carbonation — Energy drinks, most beers, some seltzer and sparkling waters, kombucha.
  • Carbonated — soft drinks and some beer and sparkling waters.