The world has reached an ecological tipping point with the amount of plastic waste entering the environment. The future of sustainable packaging is here – right now, with the creation of CanReseal. Canovation’s collective goal for CanReseal is to instill change in manufacturing and consumer behavior that will have a lasting impact on the environment. Consumers are demanding it. Brands need it as a differentiator and as a fulfilled promise against their sustainability goals.

CanReseal adds value to the markets that currently use cans as a packaging option. Beverage, food and snack, pet food, and paint all benefit from the easy to use, inexpensive, and fully sustainable resealability of CanReseal. Furthermore, due to CanReseal’s design, performance, and economics, markets like cannabis, personal care products, household products, and even consumer goods can now take advantage of the many positive features CanReseal delivers as a container type.

Canovation’s resealable metal packaging solution offers versatility and virtually unlimited design opportunities. CanReseal is simply a can with threading. The outstanding shelf-life, gas barrier, and UV shielding properties remain the same. Beyond product quality, the unbreakable, impermeable, and tamper-proof features of metal packaging also remain the same.

Metal containers already support a more sustainable future due to their ongoing recyclability, without the need of advanced chemistries or advanced recycling technologies. CanReseal is a universal solution for the sustainable packaging needs of various markets.

Importantly, little to no additional investment is required to prepare for utilizing the CanReseal technology, as todays existing filling and supply-chain logistics are unaffected.

Leveraging the already existing and wide range of can shapes and sizes, CanReseal enhances customer brands with various container options that best support  packaging requirements.

Breaking The Plastic Apocalypse