Would you be surprised if I told you beer is the third most consumed beverage worldwide, after water and tea? Of course not! Beer is the perfect drink for everyone (after 5:00pm and of the legal drinking age). Beer has a wide range of options from light, heavy, dark, clear, etc. making it the perfect beverage for anyone.  Not to mention the numerous friendships that have been formed while consuming the popular beverage. There is no incorrect way to drink a beer, but what’s the best? Of course, the answer to that question depends on personal preference, but many would say out of a chilled pint glass. Let us be the first to tell you that those people are wrong. Pint glasses don’t do a good job of protecting our beers from the heat from our hands and if you’re one who likes to sip their beer rather than chug, warm beer is inevitable when drinking out of a glass. Plus, depending on your bartender’s level of experience, you may end up paying the price of a full beer but only receiving a glass half full of beer and the other half foam. So, the answer is cans!

A common misconception about beer cans is that they “cheapen” the contents, but if anything, it is really quite the opposite. Cans are a great way to maintain the quality of your beer. They keep out oxygen and light far better than glass, keeping your beer fresher for longer. Cans have other benefits as well such as portability, maintaining carbonation levels, and more. The only thing that could make cans better for beer CanReseal®! Our patented screw-on cap technology now gives cans a full aperture opening just as if you were drinking from a glass.

One of the main reasons so many people prefer pint glasses is because of their full opening which allows consumers to really harness all five of their senses for the full beer-drinking experience. A full opening makes it easier for the aroma from the hops to be released, which adds to the multi-sensory experience. With CanReseal®, the fully open aperture is now available for traditional beverage-style cans. CanReseal® is now the best option for drinking a beer because of the multi-sensory experience the full opening provides as well as the protective air and liquid-tight resealability. So go ahead and crack (or twist) open a cold one and enjoy it the way it was meant to be.