Unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade you are well aware of the plastic pollution crisis that is ravaging ecosystems around the globe. But who is to blame for such a massive problem? Most people would like to point their fingers at the large corporations making plastics and the businesses using plastic for product packaging. The reality of the situation is that this is really a two-way street. No one business or group of people is to blame. 

All businesses seek to make a profit by providing their customers with the products or services they demand. As a consumer, you should treat your dollars as if they are votes in a democracy. Every dollar you spend is another vote toward the product or business you are supporting. If you are buying products that use plastic, then you are essentially telling the business making the product that you want more of it. 

Large beverage brands have been in the public’s crosshairs for a long time now given that most include plastic packaging in their product line. However, if you look at their product line, most also offer their beverages in aluminum cans as well. If one day every consumer of beverage products decided that they were done buying anything packaged in plastic, then beverage brands would stop packaging their products in plastic. As mentioned above, these businesses need to make a profit by providing their customers with the products and services they demand. If all their customers stopped buying their beverages packaged in plastic, do you think they would keep packaging their products in plastic? Absolutely not. As quickly as possible, they would try to sell as much of their leftover plastic inventory and bring production to a halt while simultaneously ramping up the aluminum can production. 

Executives at these major beverage brands have consistently given similar answers when asked why the companies are not ditching plastic. In short, their answers are that some customers still prefer the convenience of having a lightweight, affordable, and resealable option for their beverages. This is where Canovation comes in. Canovation has invented the revolutionary CanReseal®. CanReseal® is designed to fit seamlessly into existing can manufacturing enabling brands to adopt CanReseal® into their product line with little investment necessary. This will make CanReseal® a true competitor in beverage packaging. Our all-metal fully resealable can is expected to only cost 20% more than a traditional non-resealable can, just a couple of cents. Also, keep in mind that these traditional non-resealable cans have been optimized over the last 50 years to be as cheap as possible. Other all-metal resealable technologies will cost upwards of 150% or more than a traditional beverage can. With CanReseal®, brands can now offer their customers an alternative to plastic without losing the convenience of lightweight and resealability. While other resealable aluminum options are out there, they are all either prohibitively expensive, contain plastic components, are not fully resealable, or a combination of all three. CanReseal® is the plastic Pollution Solution® that offers brands and customers The Future of Sustainable Packaging™.